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Marijuana - Plastic for smoking the best ganja and weed

If you at thinking of how to make a bong then stop now and realize that it is just too difficult to make a bong or pipe that works. The reason people use these pipes is because they can help remove toxins from tobacco and other smoking substances like weed and hash. We recommend these as the very best and you will not find any cheap materials when it comes to these.

  Order Killer Water Bong

Pot - Glass for smoking pot and weed by Roor

If you have ever tried using or making a homemade bong then we suggest you stop and think about buying a Roor. These smoking pipes are made from glass and are constructed by the very best material. The sound of the bubbling water is very pleasing as the smoke rises to the mouth spout. These roor glass are for sale at our head shop and have the best reviews and testimonials.

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Weed - Roor bongs for smoking the best weed available now

Roor makes the worlds best bongs as they have many years of blowing experience. These are not cheap and can be used for smoking a variety of smokable materials such as weed, pot, marijuana, tobacco, herbs, and grass. They also come in a wide variety of colors and the prices are near wholesale discount with worldwide shipping.

  Buy Water Roor

Tobacco - Ceramic hand painted skull bong for smoking

This does not require water and is more of a fancy pipe. Our supply shop has a wide selection of the best water and bongs with large and small bowls. There are better than homemade paper pipes as they are easy to clean and look just as good online as they do in real life. If you cannot afford the price of a gravity bong then we recommend that you try this as an alternative.

PBuy Ceramic Skull Bong

Cannabis - Roor glass deluxe water bong

This is a deluxe custom glass on glass and etched with a marijuana leaf and decorative drawings. You will love this and the price is very good compared to any other online headshop. These people that make Roor pipes and bongs really know how to make them and put careful attention and detail into blowing and shaping these smoking pipes.

  Buy Roor Glass Pipe

Hash - Colored glass bongs, yellow, blue, red, green,

Watch the smoke jump from chamber to chamber before you inhale from this very best bong. You will love the flavor of the smoke and the clean sounds when inhaling from this unit. This non home made unit is made in a factory and specially delivered to you from our online head shop. A discount may apply to volume orders.

  Buy Acrylic Glass Colored

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